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"exercise your smile muscles"‚Äč

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Stick and Stoned.  Stick and Stoned is a comic strip about the life and times of two interspecies friends, sharing life's journey one day at a time, all the while realizing that, you only get so many...

Stone. Stone is trapped in the world of Stick, unable to escape his weirdo machismo, incessant questioning and insatiable desire to prove himself relevant.  Stone, who enjoys the finer, adult herbs of life, feels the necessity to pour wisdom, along with thought provoking knowledge nuggets, into the limited capacity of the mind that is Stick.  He has lived long enough to realize that life in of itself is not a puzzle to be solved, or a mystery to be unveiled, it's only a journey to be experienced.

Stick. Stick is a very youthful, less informed, egotistical protagonist stick.  He prides himself on his ancestry, but is also befuddled by his less than stellar impact on the greater society as a whole.  He has a deep and profound respect for his best of friend's, Stone.  Stick continues to seek insightful meanings to all things life, as seen through the eyes of Stone.  Stick has his own theory on life, it's meaning and purpose, but his quirky demeanor defeats the practicality of the basics.  Stick's greatest asset is his ability to see himself truly as he is....a stick that possesses no possessions outside of his humorous relationship with Stone.


We are all born with gifts from God, finding them can sometimes take a lifetime.  We're a father and son team that decided to combine our talents and produce a comic strip that expressed our brand of humor.  It's far from your belly busting laughter, but it's sure to make you smile, and possibly think deeply.  Our characters are figments of our imagination.  My imagination supplies the script, while Brandon's provides the brilliant illustrations.  Join us for our journey and discover what dwells inside our creative caves, as we explore the depths of our talents.